HEARTWOOD Website Launches!

New Heartwood logo & website designed by the girls at Moosestash Films. Photo by TJ Watt.

The new website for “Heartwood: Forest Guardians of Cortes Island” is up and running at www.heartwoodfilm.com.

The Heartwood team will be heading up to Cortes Island in a few weeks to continue filming, where he will be releasing some new videos in the very near future. So stay dialed in to heartwoodfilm.com, sign up for the mailing list, and consider making a small donation here if you wish to support Dan’s work to bring you this story.

Island Timberlands may have backed off for the time being, but the people of Cortes Island have not been idle. Find out in the coming weeks what actions they’ve been cooking up for the summer—and for logging season in the fall.

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